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This is a broad estimate based on our market experiences during the last 20 years.

In ordner to make an precise estimation of your saving potential, please use our free check of your contract data.

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Fixed-network, mobile telecommunication, internet and telecommunication systems

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We react faster

  • Premium partnership: Viking Telecom is premium partner of nearly all suppliers and benefits from preferential treatment.
  • central data acquisition: Our employees have access to all relevant informations by using ur own management software.
  • Live-ordertracking: We see how the suppliers work on your orders and are able to intervent directly, if it stucks.
  • Blank SIM-cards: We can directly fix your mobile accessibility.

We make telecommunications better

  • 20 years of project experience in all parts of telecommunications
  • Alliances with well-known system houses
  • Due to premium partnership with the suppliers: Access to technical consultants
  • Supply of interim solutions
  • Overallcoordination from preparation to implementation

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